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  • BeMyFlower bamboo toothbrush support base
  • BeMyFlower bamboo toothbrush support base
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BeMyFlower bamboo toothbrush support base

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    Give style to the essentials of your bathroom with this elegant, cylindrical bamboo toothbrush base from BeMyFlower.
    It has a slot, suitable for your BeMyFlower toothbrush.

    -100% Bamboo, Biodegradable
    -Unpacked, ZeroWaste

    The new Greek bamboo toothbrush!
    BEMYFLOWER is a new Greek company in the field of oral hygiene, based on natural bamboo wood. The toothbrush is processed and manufactured - like most bamboo products
    on the market - in China, the country where it grows.

    What is Bamboo?
    Bamboo is a kind of grass / reed, tall and thick like a tree. It reproduces and grows very fast. It is widespread intrinsically in tropical & temperate places, on all continents except
    Europe and Antarctica.
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