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  • ECOEGG Detox Tablets, Laundry cleaning tablets (6 Tablets)
  • ECOEGG Detox Tablets, Laundry cleaning tablets (6 Tablets)
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ECOEGG Detox Tablets, Laundry cleaning tablets (6 Tablets)

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    What are Detox ecoegg tablets?

    Before using the Ecoegg Wash Egg, we recommend that you clean your washing machine with Detox Tablets.

    If you have used liquid or powder detergent and fabric softener in the past, there will be an accumulation in your washing machine
    hoses that sometimes causes unpleasant odors. Before using the Wash Egg, which does not contain harsh chemicals, it is advisable
    to thoroughly clean your washing machine.

    How do you use Detox ecoegg tablets?

    Unroll a Detox Tablet and place it in the empty bin of your washing machine without clothes and then perform the hottest wash cycle,
    preferably at 90 ° C.

    What are the benefits of using ecoegg Detox Tablets?

    We recommend cleaning your machine every month, at least every six months. This ensures that your washing machine tubes remain
    clean and your Ecoegg Laundry Egg is as efficient as possible, while continuing to let your clothes smell fresh.

    Detox Tablets do not contain harsh chemicals, so they are environmentally friendly and having a clean machine means that they work
    more efficiently.
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