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  • Luffa plant sponge 20cm (package free)
  • Luffa plant sponge 20cm (package free)
  • Luffa plant sponge 20cm (package free)
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Luffa plant sponge 20cm (package free)

The perfect luxury skin care sponge 
Ideal for men, women and children! Environmentally friendly, biodegradable.
Greek Product

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    The natural sponge is 100% natural and can be decomposed into compost, without polluting the environment!

    Natural Loofah Sponge
    The loofah is a naturally growing plant that when dried makes the perfect luxury skin care sponge. The natural fibers of the sponge work with your skin in perfect harmony; boosting your circulation while removing dead and dry skin cells.

    Bath Loofah Size
    All loofahs come 100% natural, not in the same size! The appropriate size of the shower loofah is ideal for men, women and children.

    Multifunctional Organic Loofah
    It can remove excess fat and dirt effectively, promote blood circulation and ensure that your skin becomes rosy, smooth and shines like. But also great for household cleaning and scrubbing. Natural luffa can be used to clean pans, dishes, and baking racks, etc.They're also fabulous for making loofah soaps in daily use. You can cut it into pieces and make any DIY loofah soap as you like.

    Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Loofah Back Scrubber
    The natural shower sponge is 100% natural and can be degraded into fertilizer, not any plastic or metal, and will not cause any pollution and harm to the environment! A perfect substitute for plastic sponge cleaning tools and metal brush.

    Warm tip:
    ♥ 1. Soak your loofah for 20 minutes before first use so that it absorbs enough water and becomes soft.
    ♥ 2. Please hang up the loofah sponge for drying after use to extend its cleaning life and to prevent bacteria from multiplying.
    ♥ 3. Use your loofah three times a week to exfoliate your body which will look natural shiny and healthy day by day 

    ZERO WASTE: They come unpacked, without their usual plastic packaging and label.

    -1 piece of Luffa with cotton twine for easy hanging and quick drainage.
    -Length: 20cm
    -Without plastic packaging.
    -Made in Greece

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